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We cover the full spectrum: From Initial Design to Detailed Code Review, Secure Code training, Ensuring Compliance, and Advancing DevSecOps.

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Application Security
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Application Security

Wake-up Cyber doesn’t just patch security onto your software after development; we weave it into every thread, from conception to production. We become an extension of your team, specializing in fortifying your entire software development lifecycle (SDLC) against prevalent AppSec threats.

Proactive Protection: We go beyond traditional code reviews to employ advanced Threat Modeling, anticipating potential vulnerabilities before they emerge and designing your defenses accordingly.

Pinpointing Weaknesses: Don’t wait for real-world attacks to expose vulnerabilities. Our expert Penetration Testers simulate real-world attacks, identifying and neutralizing weaknesses before they can be exploited.

Uncovering Hidden Risks: Our comprehensive assessments dig deep into your secure development methodologies, automated tools, and version control processes. We meticulously analyze environment segregation strategies and scrutinize every tool and open-source component used during development.

Practical Secure Code Training with SecureFlag: Utilizing SecureFlag’s innovative technology, we offer hands-on, real-world scenario-based training. SecureFlag’s platform stands out with its 100% hands-on approach, eschewing traditional quizzes and slides for a more engaging, personalized training experience. This aligns perfectly with our goal to make secure code training more fun and personalized as Our service includes personalized training programs for each developer, regular assessment of application security status, and the enhancement of security testing efficiency. 

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