Risk & Vulnerability Assessments

Providing in-depth analysis of threats, evaluating security gaps, and delivering actionable recommendations to effectively manage cyber risk exposure and protect critical assets, all aligned with the organization’s risk appetite.

Threat Modeling

Vulnerability Assessment

Security Auditing

Risk Management

Wake-up Cyber takes a comprehensive approach to risk and vulnerability assessments, focusing on the unique aspects of each and their interplay within your organization’s IT infrastructure. Our risk assessments dive deep into understanding the potential impact of various threats, while our vulnerability scans identify and evaluate the security gaps in your systems.

We go beyond merely scanning your IT security gaps; our goal is to provide a thorough understanding of the risks and design a prioritized plan with actionable recommendations that align with your business needs and hierarchy. This ensures that your organization can effectively manage its cyber risk exposure, protecting critical assets and addressing vulnerabilities in a strategic manner.

Key tasks:

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